On arrival, you will be given your calligraphy kit, including dip pen holder, nib, ink and worksheets, to use throughout the session (this is all yours to take home!).
There will be plenty of one-to-one time during the group workshop so each student has enough time & attention to help develop their own style at their own pace.
You will learn the basic strokes, practice writing the calligraphy letterforms, learn how to join the letters up to make words and learn how to add in simple flourishes to elevate your writing. I will also show you techniques which will help you to find your own style.
We will finish off the workshop by creating a greetings card to take home to show off to your loved ones!

Jodie Rose

Jodie Rose is a Hampshire based calligrapher who grew up in Surrey, with over 7 years experience in modern calligraphy - specialising in teaching, special event stationery, signage, live calligraphy & engraving. 

Important Information

Ticket cost: £60

Venue: Barn 

No experience required

16+ (under 18s must be accompanied)

Tea/Coffee included

All materials provided