Recently the topic of AI seems to have embedded itself in almost every nook and cranny of our lives and while the technology is accessible, it is often hard to describe.
This session will reflect on how AI is being progressively embedded into our lives and what this might mean for us in real terms.  It’s less of a “What are the amazing things that AI can do?” and more of a “What are the implications for AI in our lives and for the future?”. 
Jon will will raise a number of thought provoking ethical questions related to how AI is being used, often without our knowledge,  and consider how people, organisations, and countries might decide on the so-called rights and wrongs of deploying AI in systems and processes.
By the end of this session, you should have a view on what AI is, what it is capable of, and where the line sits between AI and the human.  The conversation will also focus on what this might mean for small businesses, and individuals.
This will be a very interactive session, with questions throughout.  There is no need to be familiar with any AI technology.  That said, if you have any questions at the technical level, these can also be raised and hopefully put in a context that the broader audience would benefit from.  
Feel free to ask literally anything.

Jon Machtynger

Jon Machtynger started his professional life in Australia. Over the next 35 years, he lived and worked across different countries, cultures, and industries.  A focus on the strategic impact of technology led him to pursue a career driven by the influence of data on people.  His undergraduate degree was in Business and Computer Science. His masters was in Artificial Intelligence, and his PhD was in Psychology and Cognitive Science modelling the effects of brain damage on language production.
A technical leader for many years, he’s worked with people at all organisational levels from the very technical to the very strategic leading projects and groups focused on digital transformation, cloud migrations, technology strategy, data and insights, and Artificial Intelligence innovation.  He maintains a balance between making ideas accessible, technical pragmatism, commercial realities, and theoretical depth.
Previously a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor for AI and Cloud Innovation at Surrey University, his current focus as a visiting Research Fellow, is on AI and Ethics.

Important Information

Ticket cost: £8

Venue: The barn

This session will be interactive with questions from and dialogue with the audience. 

Bar open from 7pm.