The walled gardens of West Horsley Place make you that feel you have happened upon a secret and timeless space that has been slumbering undisturbed for centuries. Though a long way from their glory days, the gardens are still beautiful and cast an atmosphere of tranquility and magic. There are five acres of garden containing three distinct areas: the orchard, the crinkle-crankle garden and the formal garden. 

The gardens are enfolded by decrepit red brick walls, dating (we think) from 1710. Today they are in a parlous state and if not propped with scaffolding are being held up by ivy. The lawns are framed by old topiary, roses and flowering fruit trees. At the heart of the garden is a rare crinkle-crankle wall and an ancient fruit orchard. 

Like the house, the gardens have a hidden history that is waiting to be uncovered. We know that in the 19th century West Horsley Place was famous for its fruits, but we do not know where the glasshouses were. We know that when Henry VIII owned the house from 1538-47, he had a knot garden here and ordered his gardener to grow strawberries- but where? We know that there has been occupation on this site since before Domesday, what treasures and knowledge might a garden archaeology report uncover?

Alongside unearthing the story of the gardens, we want to rejuvenate them for the enjoyment of everybody who comes here. The crumbling walls require restoration, the trees and plants that are here need a lot of tender care, and we need to plan and plant for the future. 

We wish to raise £10,000 to help us to uncover the history of the gardens and to restore them for everyone to enjoy.

Support us to uncover the secrets of the gardens of West Horsley Place.