Hello again and thank you to 83 year old Maureen Coates for the beautiful butterfly that is one of the squares we will feature in this week's blog. Maureen’s lovely picture reflects the joy she has been getting from her garden during lock-down.

Her daughter, Julie Tremble,  has shown us what can be done with a clever combination of paint, stitch and beadwork. Ladies, you are going to have to open your gardens for the rest of us to come and have a look!

I’ve also chosen another flower-themed picture this week because after years of making felt poppies in support of the Royal British Legion, it immediately caught my eye when it popped into my in-box!  This one is from Angela Kidner, one of the West Horsley Place trustees.  Isn’t that satin vibrant?

I did promise some instructions for having a go at simple weaving this week.  If you haven’t tried the circular weaving, why have a go at weaving on a rectangular loom? I have ten little looms left if anyone is interested, but you can so easily make your own with a piece of strong card.  Cut slits in each end and thread strong cord or yarn back and forth (these are your warp threads).

Once you have your loom prepared, you can weave through your warp threads with other yarns, ribbons and even strips of fabric to create your design. In the natural coloured design above, I have threaded some beads onto some of the yarn before weaving to add extra interest.  As you can see this is  unfinished! Sadly I never took a picture of the finished work of autumn fields before selling it.

For this little blue design I have used one of those pretty random-dyed yarns and then added some detail.  These two examples show you – I hope – how effective weaving is, and how very different the results are with different materials! You can strengthen the finished work by backing it with some simple cotton fabric.

Next week, what shall we do?  Maybe some feltmaking, or reverse patchwork, Italian quilting?  I’ll think about it, and of course as always there will be more beautiful examples of the work we have been collecting. Don’t forget to send your pictures to [email protected]

Meanwhile – thank you all for your efforts

Stay safe!   

Nancy Shafee is a member of the International Feltmakers Association, Fibre Art Network, Heritage Craft Association and current Chair of the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen. 

Nancy lives in West Horsley. She teaches feltmaking and sells her work through The Surrey Guild of Craftsmen Gallery in Milford and Haslemere Museum.