HINOKI Forest Bathing at West Horsley Place Sensory Garden takes us on a forest bathing experience that opens us up to nature’s offerings, providing restoration for our mind and body, and overall wellbeing. This session has a particular focus on being more accessible for those who may find walking in the woods and forest challenging.

Forest bathing doesn’t have to be in the forest. The benefits of forest bathing, including being present and letting nature capture your attention as well as the benefits of fabulous phytoncides that we breathe in when in nature, are abundant at West Horsley Place's Sensory Garden. 

Let Lisa of HINOKI guide you through the garden, exploring the textures, patterns, colours, scents, and sounds of nature. Experience mindfulness in nature with guided invitations that allow you to fully relax, intentionally creating space in your life for yourself. At the end of this journey, notice that you will experience a connection with nature that brings calm and tranquillity.

Access information

Our Sensory Garden has been chosen as the location for this session because of it's rich planting and wildlife; and its proximity to the house and gardens. The sensory garden is approximately 250m from our main carpark including some areas of gravel and short cut grass. The paths of the sensory garden are short cut grass. There is limited disabled parking and opportunity for drop-ff closer to the garden. Due to limited availability this must be pre-booked. Please call us on 01483 282032 or e-mail [email protected] to discuss this possibility.

More information is available on our Access Page.

Lisa Duncan

Lisa is a qualified Forest Bathing guide, having studied at The Forest Bathing Institute (TFBI) in the UK. Lisa has worked with the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine (INFOM) in Japan and Dr Qing Li, the world’s foremost expert in forest medicine. Lisa also leads forest bathing walks in Japan. Lisa is also a mindfulness and meditation coach, foraging enthusiast and guide, and a lifestyle medical herbalist. An English and Japanese speaker, Lisa grew up frequently visiting Japan and its beautiful forests. Lisa has a keen interest in helping people build a stronger connection to nature, which in turn helps them to destress, relax and gain a stronger disposition to working in the modern, sometimes stressful lives we all live in. Lisa helps her participants with knowledge and experience to carry forward into their daily lives.

Important Information

Ticket cost: £30

Venue: Sensory Garden

This is an accessible session suitable for people for those who may find walking in the woods and forest challenging. You can contact us to discuss your access requirements by calling 01483 282032 or e-mail [email protected]