Join us on our Bushcraft Foundations course for an exciting day of discovering new skills and honing the ones you have. Led by Pippin & Gile. 

Pippin & Gile pride themselves in making the natural world come to life in a friendly, informative and professional way. Whether that be through constructing a natural shelter to shield you from the elements, looking at how to use natural resources to collect and purify water. Being able to identify common trees and plants and knowing a little about their folklore and uses. 

What to Expect

On our foundations bushcraft course we will take you though the building blocks of bushcraft including, shelter, safe knife use, water purification, fire lighting including friction fire, making string from natural fibres, tree and plant ID and some natural navigation techniques.  

No previous bushcraft experience is necessary, however you’ll be surprised at how much breadth and depth of the building blocks of bushcraft foundations we cover on this course. We promise you will never walk though the woods in the same way again.

As well as hard skills, you’ll be sure to gain knowledge, insights and discover an appreciation and awareness of the everyday, in a very non everyday day. You will increase your sense of connection to and understanding of the environments around you.

Important Information:

Ticket cost: £65


All equipment and materials provided. 

No experience necessary. 

Access- Please note that this workshop is not suitable for people using wheelchairs or buggies. You’ll need a moderate level of fitness and mobility to be able to cope with walking on uneven ground and working in the woodland