Join practicing medical Herbalist Janine Gerhardt MNIMH for an early spring exploration of all things herbal.
Start with a leisurely Herb and Wild Food Walk through the beautiful grounds of West Horsely Place.
Journey through our local medicinal flora, often only perceived as weeds & get to love the varied uses of long forgotten or unknown herbs such as daisies and more.
Explore hedgerow herbs and how to use them safely. Discover how herbs have been used in the past and present and their importance for our long term survival in an era where antibiotic resistance is on the rise and monoculture plus high food miles are normality.
Get up close and personal using a botanical lens to see why cleavers are called sticky and, if you dare, why nettles sting. Did you know that Nettle stings can offer relief from arthritic joint pain (don't try this at home) and make the most delicious pesto and spinach substitute? Let's talk food! The pure, unadulterated energy found in fresh plants, medicinal or not, picked whilst at their peak transfer their energy into us and consequently enhance our vitality and joy. 
Return to the beautiful barn and create a Fresh Vegan Foraged Herbal Lunch.
In the afternoon learn about traditional preservation methods, spring detoxification, wild foods and how to put that spring back into your step.
Taste and create some of the following:
­čî┐Herbal vinegars
­čî┐Infused oils
­čî┐Aromatic waters
Create your own personalised Immune blend, Sleep support, deep detox blend or stress buster mix.

Janine Gerhardt

Janine has been a practising medical Herbalist and Wild Food Explorer since 2008, who would rather climb a tree than sit in front of a computer screen. 

In 2012 Janine completed a postgraduate diploma in Ecology and Conservation and in 2019 she became a Forest Bathing Guide, now working for Kew Gardens and other wonderful locations, helping people enhance their health and wellbeing through exploring nature.

Reconnecting people with nature and each other has been her main inspiration and these are the fundamental reasons behind her Herb Walks, Workshops and Wild Food Adventures.

She loves working with people from all walks of life and of all age groups, with the aim of enhancing health & wellbeing through nature engagement in many shapes and forms and strives to nourish self-reliance and self-empowerment.

Important Information

Ticket cost: £75
All recipes and materials are provided. 
No experience necessary
Based indoor in our beautiful barn, but you may venture outside- so dress appropriately.