This workshop is suitable for those new to pottery or with some experience.

Led by Potter Shelley Bock, you will be making decorative bowls with a step-by-step demonstration explaining the ceramic technique known as slab building.

You will explore decorative techniques such as carving, sgraffito and impress printing with found textures such leaves, lace, buttons or woodblocks to make a bowl unique to you.

During the first morning we will be using clay with moulds to make the bowls. Once dry they are ready for the first firing.

Our second session involves choosing coloured glazes, then dipping and painting the bowls. They require a second firing to make them shiny and waterproof.

About Shelley: 

Shelley Bock is a fine artist specialising in ceramics and printmaking. Her work explores themes of fragility and transience in the natural world with intent to capture a lightness of touch reflecting this vulnerability. Each handmade piece is inspired by nature and sensitively created often with the use of delicate, white porcelain. Shelley enjoys the unpredictability of working with clay and printmaking and the element of risk.

Important Info:

Ticket cost: £85

Suitable for beginners.

2 morning sessions 10am-1pm on 13 and 20 July.

All materials and two firings provided.

Your beautiful creations will be ready to collect in 2-3 weeks time.

Tea/Coffee provided.