The opera season is over.  The frenetic excitement in the gardens has finally abated and peace has been restored. We are now back to the serious task of moving forward with the gardens.

Work has already begun on the box hedging……we have approximately 800 linear metres of undulating thigh-high box hedging which is in desperate need of a feed but before that, we need to clear the tree ivy, brambles, bindweed, ground elder and saplings which have found their way deep within it.   A daunting and never-ending task for any gardener but with the help of the wonderfully energetic and committed volunteers, we are slowly making progress. 

In tandem with this, we are concentrating on gently removing as much of the tree ivy and brambles from the 17th and 18th Century walls as we are able, without causing any damage in the process.   This can be an arduous task but so very satisfying!  Every tiny bit of tree ivy must be removed otherwise it embeds itself and re-roots back into the wall.  This requires a great deal of patience and tender loving care……with approximately the same amount of walling as hedging but over 2m in height, it feels like it could be a long process.  For me, the satisfaction is saving the walls from being swallowed up by nature as well as revealing their history…..they are a true work of art.

In addition to this, during the Autumn months, we will embark on re-organising the rose parterre; two quarters of the parterre are bursting with Iceberg roses, the other two, planted with Roundelay roses, are sadly not! Hard pruning and re-planting will hopefully create a more balanced effect for next Summer.

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