This year's International Women's Day theme is 'Break the Bias', which is exactly what many of the fascinating women who have been part of West Horsley Place's story did, as they shook off the expectations of their times. From the first woman to be published in English, to the first female magistrate, find out more about some of their remarkable lives here:

Dame Juliana de Berners

Born c. 1388, Dame Juliana published works on heraldry, hawking, hunting and fishing. 

Gertrude Courtenay

Godmother to Elizabeth I, Gertrude led a dangerous life of political intrigue at the court of Henry VIII. 

Elizabeth FitzGerald

Daughter of a rebel Irish earl, inspiration for a sonnet, friend to Elizabeth I. 

Bess Raleigh

Courtier, inhabitant of the Tower of London and the guardian of Sir Walter Raleigh's decapitated head. 

Margaret Crewe-Milnes

20th century Society hostess, campaigner and pioneer. 

Photograph of Ladty Crewe