HINOKI Forest Bathing is more than a walk in the woods. It’s a mindful sensory journey that opens us up to nature’s offerings, providing restoration for our wellbeing. When we forest bathe, we intentionally create space and time in our busy lives to slow down and reconnect with nature. Through this journey of reconnecting with nature, we also begin to see that we are a part of nature and find we begin to feel more rested and calm on the forest floor under the canopy of trees. We also find calm and relaxation through a series of guided mindfulness invitations. By the end of the forest bathing slow walk (of no more than 1 mile), you will find reciprocity with nature, a natural and valuable connection with nature.Forest bathing originated in Japan, where it is called shinrin yoku. Research in Japan has shown forest bathing to improve our physiology, such as enhancing our immune system, stabilising blood pressure, lowering stress, improving sleep and concentration, as well as improving our wellbeing.Our session  will start with an introduction and explanation of the benefits of forest bathing, and continues with a slow walk through an area of the woodland of no more than one mile in total, with many stops for sensory invitations and sharing circles, and ends with a beautiful Japanese influenced woodland tea ceremony. 


Lisa is a qualified Forest Bathing guide, having studied at The Forest Bathing Institute (TFBI) in the UK. Lisa has worked with the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine (INFOM) in Japan and Dr Qing Li, the world’s foremost expert in forest medicine. Lisa also leads forest bathing walks in Japan. Lisa is also a mindfulness and meditation coach, foraging enthusiast and guide, and a lifestyle medical herbalist. An English and Japanese speaker, Lisa grew up frequently visiting Japan and its beautiful forests. Lisa has a keen interest in helping people build a stronger connection to nature, which in turn helps them to destress, relax and gain a stronger disposition to working in the modern, sometimes stressful lives we all live in. Lisa helps her participants with knowledge and experience to carry forward into their daily lives.

Important Info:

Ticket cost: £39

Please note that this forest bathing session is not suitable for people using wheelchairs or buggies. You’ll need a moderate level of fitness and be able to cope with walking on uneven ground.
Suitable for age 18+
Why not join us for a full Wellness Day? Combine this Forest Bathing session with a Sound Bath in the afternoon for a discount of £4.