Access Panel member Marcus Woolf tells why he is excited about the future of West Horsley Place and how he is helping us on our journey,

"I spent my childhood knowing about 'the big house' from visiting my grandparents, who lived in the village at Wellington Cottages and later, across the road in St Mary's Court. My grandfather was an electrician and worked at West Horsley Place, so I like to think it was his workmanship that meant the place hasn't burned down from faulty wiring!

I hope I can bring a balanced understanding between what is desired to make West Horsley Place an accessible venue and the practicalities of funding and its listed status restrictions.

I've already inputted on the future sensory garden, as well as contributing to signage and access queries during the inaugural Access Panel meeting. I can tell the team are listening and have a genuine desire to support inclusivity at West Horsley Place. I think there is the real possibility to make 'the big house' something very special for everyone to enjoy."

If you are interested in helping us make West Horsley Place as accessible as possible or would like to volunteer with us, get in touch and help to shape the next chapter in our story.