For many people West Horsley Place is better known as Button House and is synonymous with the BBC comedy Ghosts. Indeed some Ghosts fans have become so passionate about 'Button House' that they have started a fundraising campaign to support the restoration of West Horsley Place. Hearing about the upcoming West Horsley Village Fete another group of Ghosts fans decided to get more involved. We caught up with them to find out more. 
- What is it about Ghosts that makes it such a special programme?
The Ghosts team are amazing! Top notch writing combined with great acting and costumes...but the writing is the core
Lisa Taylor, Ghosts fan.
-West Horsley Place is the location for almost every scene in the series and is the heart of the show in many ways, what do you think it gives to Ghosts?
WHP is the perfect location for Ghosts as its beauty lies in its flaws. The house adds a structure (both literally and figuratively) in which the story unfolds. Perfectly imperfect WHP is the only setting that could have been Button House
- Sarah Ann Knight, Ghosts fan
-Did you know about the spooky parallels between Button House and WHP? The last owner here really was an elderly lady, who died at the age of 99, and she did indeed leave the house in a poor state of repair, just like Lady Button. Some of the real history of WHP made its way into the script too; Henry VIII really did have lunch in the Stone Hall!
Yes, a lot of the fans love the fact that there are links to WHP to be discovered on further investigation! There's a beheaded Tudor ghost named Headless Humphrey who may have been inspired by Sir Walter Raleigh. According to historians a red velvet bag found in the attic could have held Sir Walter's embalmed head as his wife and son lived there for four years...a deliciously gruesome theory!
- Trudy Meredith, Ghosts fan
-What made you want to get involved in supporting West Horsley Place?
WHP has a special place in our hearts as the warm beautiful treasure that is home to the ghosts and the couple who inherit it. The West Horsley Village Fete have been so supportive in helping us set up a fundraising stall on 14th September so we can meet up and contribute to the Walled Garden Restoration. We're all really looking forward to showing our love for it by helping where we can. Much appreciation is also due to the Mary Roxburghe Trust who are working so hard on making it a cultural centre. - Emma Pay, Ghosts fan

-How will the Ghosts Fans be contributing to the Village Fete?
Fans of BBC Ghosts will have a stand at the fete. The five stallholders (Trudy, Gaynor, Emma, Sarah and Vicky) have organised a signed limited edition framed Ghosts artwork by Bevis Musson (to be won in a silent auction on facebook- more details to come on that). There will also a a Spot the Ghost competition, photo booth and Fan Art badges. - Trudy Brant, Ghosts fan. 
-Have the cast or producers been involved in your effort in any way?
They've been incredibly supportive and helpful. A huge thanks to the BBC Ghosts team at Monumental Television for donating the signed art for us to Silent Auction, autographed by Mathew Baynton, Martha Howe Douglas, Laurence Rickard, Simon Farnaby, Jim Howick and Ben Willbond. Also to Bevis Musson the super talented artist.
-Trudy Brant, Ghosts fan
-What do you think will happen in Series 2?
Ghosts fan Kate Dixon created a poll on our Facebook group called Fans of BBC Ghosts recently, and the top results voted for were: Alison and Mike welcome their first B & B guests to Button House, a paranormal television show film their hunt for ghosts in the house, a new ghost is discovered during renovations...and a priest in a priest hole! 
-Trudy Brant, Ghosts fan
- We'll find out if you predictions are correct when series 3 airs in 2020! Thank you all for your efforts and support. 
All proceeds from the Fans of BBC Ghosts Stall will be donated to the Walled Garden Appeal