Our textiles volunteers have been focussing on outward-looking projects as well as those focussed on West Horsley Place. Over the last year they have contributed to some brilliant local initiatives to help others. 

Blankets Without Borders

The GladRags gang have been knitting away creating dozens of squares for Blankets Without Borders, a local project that donates blankets to charities that need them locally and internationally. 

Cherry Trees

Continuing the knitting theme, the gang made warm woolly bobble hats in support of Cherry Trees- a local charity that provides respite care for disabled children. 

Seeds of Hope

Our volunteers created hundreds of wool-wrapped willow circlets to be added to artist Diana Birche's art installation 'Seeds of Hope' at Surrey Hills Arts Harvest Festival on Box Hill. 

This sustainable artwork was made purely from sticks and recycled yarns. Hundreds of local people, or all ages, backgrounds and abilities have contributed to the piece. The mindful act of binding with the wool encouraged contemplation, as well as an openness with others doing the activity.

“In a world that often feels challenging, Seeds of Hope demonstrates a renewal of optimism by connecting us with each other and the natural world.”

We were then delighted to host the installation at West Horsley Place in November.