Our textile volunteers originally formed a group to design and sew together our creative community project: The GladRags Banner. The Banner was completed in November 2021, but the volunteers decided that they wanted to keep going as a group and create new textile projects centred around West Horsley Place and our local community. In the last year they have taken on many new ideas and challenges. 

Over the coming weeks we will share some of the wonderful projects they have created and are currently involved with. 


Three volunteers from the group: Pip Holmes, Amanda de Haast and Meryl Hayes decided to support our village church St. Mary's West Horsley by renovating three long, forlorn-looking pew cushions. The cushions had been discovered in the vestry cupboard and were in dire need of some TLC. The repair was a challenge, but with the expert ministrations of Amanda, Meryl and Pip, they were able to re-stuff, line and rework the tapestry top, make new hessian covers and pipe the edges to bring these wonderful pieces back into life. Pip Holmes, " It was a joy to work on this project and prolong the life of St. Mary's precious belongings."


When it came to celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee last summer, the GladRags Gang felt inspired to make a unique and lasting contribution to the villages Festival of Flags. They created a beautiful patchwork flag that using scraps of material from the manor house. 

They also worked to contribute to crochet master Joni van Olst's stunning postbox topper celebrating the Queen's 70 years on the throne. 


The GladRags Gang meet up every tuesday afternoon from 2pm. No experience or skill level is needed to join in the fun. If you are already a WHP volunteer, feel free to come along. If you are not already a volunteer with us ad would like to join the GladRags Gang- please register HERE and specify GladRags in your interests.