West Horsley Place has a starring role in this year's Horsley Museum exhibition by the Year 6 pupils at The Raleigh School. This is the first time that the manor house has featured in this annual project, as no previous year group had ever visited here. Year 6's visit this May has sparked some wonderfully creative interpretations of the house. We were hugely impressed by their efforts and delighted to see how West Horsley Place has inspired them. 

Head of History and Geography, Alex Keen, told us a little more about this fantastic exhibition, 

" The Horsley Museum is an annual event which has been running for a number of years.  After the SATs, Year 6 children research our local history and architecture and are invited to produce a project of their choosing.  The children are always inventive and surprise us with the high quality of their work. This year's highlights have included a Horsley Monopoly game, a model of a Lovelace bridge (sculptured from cake) and a replica Lovelace wall.    One inspirational exhibit managed to cleverly capture different views of Horsley now and 100 years ago and then displayed them together - fascinating! The mini-Horsley Towers model is a really faithful replica and must have taken very many hours to make.

All the exhibits are displayed at the annual strawberry cream tea held at school and with guests including parents, governors and local VIPs.  It is an opporunity for Year 6 to display their creative talents and demonstrate the beneift of homework projects such as these.

This year we have enjoyed building a new relationship with West Horsley Place.  We visited in May after our exams and the children were fascinated to learn the history of the building and its famous occupants.  We studied Sir Walter Raleigh earlier in the year, and seeing the velvet bag that allegedly held his head was a highlight of our trip.  Therefore it was no surprise that many of the children decided to construct models of West Horsley Place and research it further. " 

We salute the wonderful work of Year 6!