Mews Gin in Residence

As our field of sunflowers bloom, Mews Gin will be joining us every Thursday and Friday, 4.30pm - 7.30pm with a pop-up bar. 

Centre stage, of course, will be their fabulous London Gin alongside a selection of wine and beer.

So, if you fancy a post work stroll or early evening drink in the sunshine and beautiful surroundings of our courtyard garden, bar is open!

About Mews

Mews Gin Company is a small batch artisan gin distiller based in East Horsley, Surrey, a short walk from the West Horsley Place estate. Father and son team, Richard and Daniel Mew, have combined their skills, experience and love of gin to produce a subtle and light gin, full of flavour without being overpowering. 

Their still "Betty" is a traditional copper pot still with distinctive "shepherd's crook" lynne arm. It has been hand made by Surrey based firm John Dore & Co., still makers for over 180 years.